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Proven Technology

WealthyDice leverages technology provided by which has developed industry-leading security and infrastructure solutions to power provably-fair games of chance. WealthyDice is excited to build our games on this proven solution and confident that this enables us to provide our customers with the best possible betting experience.

Innovative Games

The stated mission of WealthyDice is to be an innovative game provider in the Bitcoin betting space. We have long-term plans for original content and intend to periodically deliver new and exciting game content in an effort to differentiate us from other players in this field and to provide our users with the best possible gambling experience.

Provably Fair

All our games will be provably fair through the hashcode engine provided by For our users this means the result of bet taken can be verified to have been predetermined without us having the possibility to manipulate the bet result. Gamble at in the confidence that you will be treated fairly.

Mobile Friendly

Our website is mobile friendly and will adapt intelligently to displays across all devices from mobile phones, to tablets and desktop computers without loss of functionality. This allows you play our games from any location on any internet-enabled device without compromising your betting experience.


Community Focused

We intend to actively engage with our user community, catering to their wishes and heeding their advice whenever possible. If you have suggestions, we would love to hear them. If you have complaints, tell us; if you're happy, tell your friends!

Real-World Prizes

WealthyDice intends to mesh Bitcoin betting with real-world prizes. Each bet enables you to earn raffle tickets which will qualify you for our periodic lotteries. The grand prize of each lottery will be a real-world reward, such as a stay at a prominent Las Vegas hotel and other exciting items.

Bot Friendly

Do you want to gamble using a bot? We've got you covered. Our Bot-API is compatible with Primedice's API which gives you access to a wide range of compatible bots. Bots use the same provably-fair infrastructure as our on-site bets, ensuring that your betting chances are as fair as statistically possible.


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